12 Pack BlueBerry Lite Canna Energy Drink Organic Hemp Oil



12 Pack Canna Energy Original Flavor Hemp 100% Natural USA made.   We have quite a few mango and Blueberry Lite, cases in stock.  Canna Energy, The Drinks

Every Canna Energy drink starts as an idea to help solve a problem faced by real people in each day life. This life throws a lot at us, so Canna Energy drinks are designed to make things better. It’s our mission at Canna Energy to create great tasting drinks that do many great things for people. Canna Energy drinks help our consumers by providing enhanced energy and focus, a protective dose of key vitamins and nutrients, a serene and calming mood, in addition to even a full night of restful sleep. With the intention to make a actually innovative line of drinks we had to think another way. We looked at what was improper or missing from much of what is offered in grocery stores, healthy markets and even online. The ingredients that we left out speak as strongly about Canna Energy drinks as what we put in.Things You Won’t Find In Canna Energy drinks

You’ll not find artificial colors, artificial flavors, high calorie sweeteners and other ingredients that make you scratch your head.Things You Will Find In Canna Energy drinks

In Canna Energy drinks, You’ll find the highest quality dietary ingredients sourced globally, as little as just 40 tiny calories in every bottle, great flavors, and functions that keep you going and make your day better from start to finish. We invite you to check out all of our amazing Canna Energy drinks. We think You’ll love what you find.


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