(1000) 14 Panel Instant Drug Test Cups with Adulteration LARGE LOT DISCOUNT



14 Panel T-Cup Drug Test Cup with Adulteration

1,000 Cups with instant results

This Test is the most comprehensive integrated urine drug testing cup in the marketplace!

Product Description:

  • Detects 14 drugs in urine
  • FDA 510k approved – (certifies the drug testing device passes FDA standards)
  • No handling or manipulation of urine needed to activate testing
  • Integrated drug test cup also includes an adulteration test checking the integrity of the urine specimen thus getting rid of any try to pass the drug test procedure the usage of different additives, pills or drinks.
  • Perfect test kit for pre-employment, students, and medical personnel


  • This easy to use, on-website online drug of abuse test combines a collection cup and testing strips that delivers instant results, convenience, and accuracy.

    The list of drugs detectable with this test are as follows:
    AMP- Amphetamine, 1000 ng/ml – Adderall/Ritalin
    BAR- Barbiturates, 300 ng/ – Luminal/Seconal/Phenobarbital
    BUP– Buprenorphine, 10 ng/ml – Suboxone/Subutex/Buprenorphine
    BZO– Benzodiazepines, 300 ng/ml – Valium/Xanax/Paxam/Vicodin
    COC– Cocaine, 300 ng/ml – Crack
    mAMP– Methamphetamine, 1000 ng/ml – Meth/Crystal/MDMA
    MDMA– Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, 500 ng/ml – Ecstasy
    MTD– Methadone, 300 ng/ml – Methadone/Amidone/Methadose
    OPI– Opiate, 2000 ng/ml – Heroin/Morphine/Codeine
    OXY– Oxycodone, 100 ng/ml – OxyContin/Percocet/Vicodin
    PCP– Phencyclidine, 25 ng/ml – Angel Dust/Special K/Ketamine
    PPX– Propoxyphene, 300 ng/ml – Norpropoxyphene/Darvon
    TCA– Tricyclic Antidepressant, 1000 ng/ml – Paxil/Zoloft/Prozac/Celexa
    THC– Marijuana, 50 ng/ml – Cannabinoids/Weed/Pot

Adulteration testing for Creatinine, Specific Gravity, pH


Positive:  A rose-pink band is visible in each and every regulate region and NO color band appears in the appropriate test region. It indicates a positive result for the corresponding drug of that specific test zone.
Negative:  A rose-pink band is visible in each and every regulate region and the appropriate test region. It indicates that the  concentration  of  the  corresponding  drug  of  that  specific  test  zone  is  zero  or  below  the detection limit of the test.
Invalid test result:
If a color band isn’t visible in the regulate region or the color band is only visible in the test region, the test result is invalid. Some other test will have to be run to re-evaluate the specimen.


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