100 ppm colloidal silver gel + DMSO 4 oz ounces + nano size no colors or scents







Colloidal Silver GEL with DMSO

100 ppm
Silver concentration

4 fluid ounces of gel


DMSO of 99.9%
concentration used to be added to make a 5% of mixture to allow deeper tissue

No longer is it necessary
to watch for penetration.

Made with 10,000 volts AC to produce the smallest particle size and very stable.

Water undergoes reverse osmosis twice, then distilled and tested at 0 ppm. Only
glass made in USA is used in processing.

Colloidal content is  83 %

Ionic content is 17 %

True 4 fluid ounces, 
non BPA container


Is used as an anitbacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and in quite a lot of skin rashes,
burns, and acne.

This used to be made very lightweight. Just apply to skin
in a light coat and then reapply in A couple of minutes as it absorbs into skin fast.

pH is 5.3 so it is going to hydrate the skin and not dry
it out.



Every batch is labeled to the actual ppm and true makeup of colloidal and ionic
nano silver ratio.

If you have a sulfur allergy, then make a selection version
without DMSO.


Only nano silver for colloidal and ionic is produced and done so very slowly. 
Weights of silver rods before and after are used to resolve ppm, taking
into account periodic silver wasted from cleaning rods. Batches are made over 110 ppm
in case of any discrepancy.  We also sell the liquid colloidal silver too
and true ppm is essential to us. A couple of steps are needed to keep the
particle size small and go past 30ppm.


Ingredients: 99.99% silver, distilled water, DMSO 99.9%, carbomer 940, TEA . No added scents or colors.

Made in USA.


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