1 OTICON MEDICAL PONTO PRO ( Bone Conduction) LEFT Ear Bone Anchored Hearing Aid






(1) OTICON MEDICAL PONTO PRO(Bone Conduction) LEFT Ear Bone Anchored


This device is in EXCELLENT Condition…and has been gently worn!



Battery Size: 13

SERIAL #: 24556840

 You will need to have the hearing device adjusted to your hearing loss.  



These aids cost $9,500 to $10,000 when purchased new.

We include One (1) FREE package (6 cells per pkg) of size 13 and One (1) FREE and trip pouch.

NOTE: Battery Life Approx. 7-10 Days

This hearing device features:  Manual Volume Keep watch over, Multi-memory, and are designed for Unilateral or Single sided Deafness hearing loss

Don’t Put out of your mind the:  3 “S’s” remove devices when (1) SLEEPING, (2) SHOWERING, (3) SWIMMING

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Original   Retail   and   get   the   same   Quality   from   this DANISH Brand!
There   is   no   reserve    for    this    5   day   auction   and   it    starts    at   only $0.99
Please   ask   questions   if   you   have   any   before   bidding.


USPS First-Class Shipping is FREE in the U.S., and just a bit more for Priority, Express & International. Hearing aids will ship in 2 days or less. (please check shipping cost scheduler under shipping tab before bidding)


We accept PayPal as the only payment method for your safety and ours.
Also accepting PayPal Credit. 
Our Return Policy is 14 days for you to “FALL IN LOVE” with them !

Positive Feedback is very important to us. We request that you contact us immediately before you give us neutral or negative feedback, so that we will be able to satisfactorily address your all your concerns. Thank You. 


Top 10 Things to Know About Wearing Used Hearing Aids:

1.       Family pets love to eat hearing aids, so keep your hearing aid out of the reach of pets at night or at other times when not in your ears.

2.       You will need to get and & nbsp;keep your ears clean, because when earwax gets pushed into the speaker, no sound will come out and the hearing aid will seem find it irresistible is dead.  It likely is not, the speaker is just plugged and needs to be cleaned.  

3.       Your hearing aid may have a delayed start, which means that when you put the battery in and close the battery door, there is a 3-5 second delay before sound is amplified.

4.       Your hearing aid was built for the prior owner’s ear and not all ears are the same.  For your own comfort when wearing, you may need to have your device reconfigured for your canal and ear shape.   If your hearing aid whistles when in your ear, it is because “there is not a good seal and amplified sound is escaping to the microphone”.  Select a hearing healthcare provider closest to you to assist you with improving the fit.  You’ll be charged for this service.        

5.       Your hearing aid was programmed for the prior owner’s hearing loss and not all hearing losses are the same.  For your own comfort and sound quality, you may need to have your device “ADJUSTED” for your own hearing loss.  Select a hearing healthcare provider closest to you to assist you with this.  You’ll be charged for this service.        

6.       You will need to clean your hearing aid each evening with a small alcohol prep pad to disinfect it for future use.  This will also help maintain the device for years yet to come.       

7.       Your hearing aid takes a special size of battery.  You’ve been given a starter supply of batteries with the size shown on the packaging (Four conceivable sizes:  10 – Yellow, 13 – Orange, 312 – Brown, 675 – Blue).  Each battery size has a different expected life.  For example, your aid may use size 10 that may last only 2-3 days, but another device uses size 675 that lasts 2 weeks.  You’ll buy batteries locally at your local pharmacy, department store, grocery store or hearing healthcare provider.         

8.       Hearing aid batteries may contain mercury and should be disposed of safely, and should remain out of the mouths of children or pets.

9.       Hearing aids have universal labeling – RED for Right Ear and BLUE for Left Ear.  Depending on your device, the color may be found in the printed letters on the shell, inside the battery door or near the end of the speaker under the dome.         

10.   ** You’ve purchased short-term help for improved hearing**.  For best long-term hearing help, it is highly recommended that you see a local hearing healthcare provider who can provide you with proper hearing healthcare that is customized to your specific hearing needs.  Like vision helped by eyeglasses, you have a unique prescription for hearing too.  Ask a friend or family member for a recommendation, slightly than looking in the yellow pages.  You’ll likely be more satisfied with the outcome.                  

Best wishes to your better hearing,
         Edward “theHEARO“, AZHAD4599                          


    Thanks & Happy Bidding!



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