1 NEW Phonak Audeo B50-R RIC BTE Digital Hearing Aids Aid Device



are purchasing 1 NEW Phonak AUDEO
 B50-R Rechargeable Li-Ion RIC BTE
Hearing Aid
Aids for Right or Left Ear in their original factory
packaging, along with Free Phonak Charger.            

We have other models also available in various technology styles & power levels:       

    B50-R          (Rechargeable)      
  • AUDEO B70-R          (Rechargeable)         $1,674
  • AUDEO B90-R          (Rechargeable)         $2,114                         

(Available with Standard, Power or UltraPower Speaker/Receivers, and in all factory colors – buyer to specify power & color preference)

When You’ll be able to enjoy
24 hours of hearing with one simple charge, life is on

Phonak Audéo™ B-R is the first ever
hearing aid to feature a specifically designed built-in lithium-ion
rechargeable battery that provides 24 hours* of hearing with one simple
charge! Lithium-ion batteries are quicker to charge, last longer and
won’t deteriorate even after years of repeated charging. Available with
easy-to-use smart charging options, You’ll be able to charge your hearing aids
wherever you go, without having to worry about running out of power.
Finally a chance to free yourself from the hassles of disposable

* Expected results when fully charged,
and up to 80 minutes wireless streaming time.  

Simplifying life with a simply brilliant solution

With your life becoming increasingly active, you require
hearing aids that can automatically keep up with your lifestyle. Having
the freedom to do and go wherever you please, without having the
restrictions associated with hearing loss, is paramount.

Phonak took this as a key focus area when creating the new
Phonak Belong platform. As the name suggests, Phonak wants clients to
have hearing aids that allow them to feel at one with your environment,
regardless of where you are. You’ll be able to rely on your hearing aids to
seamlessly and automatically do all the work for you.

With Belong, consisting of rechargeable lithium-ion
battery technology and the new AutoSense OS, Phonak has created a simply
brilliant way to simplify your life whilst providing an exceptional
hearing experience.

When your hearing
aids adjust to every sound automatically, life is on

What makes Audéo B so special is its unique operating
system called AutoSense OS. It automatically senses your listening
environment in real-time and draws from multiple features, whilst
as it should be blending them to create over 200 distinct settings. This
creates a  seamless listening experience when moving from one
environment to another. All you have to do is turn on your Phonak hearing
aids and enjoy unmatched speech understanding, wherever you go!

you or a loved one has a Mild to Profound hearing loss and needs
high-quality, rechargeable hearing aids at an affordable price, you’ve
come to the best source.

Each new Phonak hearing aid
comes with a 3 Year – Factory Repair + Loss &
Damage Warranty,
 along with the new factory recharging case,
cleaning tool, built-in Li-Ion battery, and a size 2 standard
receiver/speaker wire (Power & Ultra-Power receivers available by
buyer’s request).  FREE custom programming also available at time of
purchase, when buyer provides copy of professional
hearing test from within the past 6 months.

settle for cheap look-alike devices, when You’ll be able to have current 2017 model
devices at an affordable price. Take a look at our 3,100+ Positive
– we don’t offer anything without it being top notch and
high-quality for wholesale prices, and that’s the reason why we have a 100% perfect
track record.

Still finding this hard to imagine?

Well, then imagine that eBay offers you
complete buyer-protection. If we don’t deliver exactly what we promise
(or better), You’ll be able to open a return case with eBay, and return for a full
refund, no questions asked!

make it even easier and worry-free, we offer a 30 day return period for
these devices
 – giving you plenty of time to get them, fit
them and fall in love with them. If you don’t love them, we can even pay
for your return shipping via eBay returns.

ship Free Nationwide via USPS Priority Mail, so if you are within the
U.S., you are going to likely have your new devices in 2-3 business days after
shipping, and about a week or two if across the border or overseas.

are assuming you are going to love our hearing aids from the moment they arrive
in your mailbox, so that’s why we offer free Worldwide shipping. Purchase
today and find out how high-quality, name-brand Swiss hearing aids will sound.

confident you are going to love them!

  • We also offer FREE programming of your new
    devices too,
     if you wish to have help with that. 
  • After ordering, specify COLOR, POWER LEVEL (S, P, UP) & EAR (R, L, both) preferences.

Thank you and best wishes to your better hearing!


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